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Anteris is the world’s most loved tech support brand, providing  Technical support to consumers & small businesses.

Anteris is a recognized technical support outsourcing leader. We have the experience and professional staff for you no matter if your product is a mobile device, a computer or any other piece of cutting-edge technology

The expert team at Anteris Support, since inception, has been providing reliable and affordable IT support through its team of friendly and dedicated technicians who specialize in computer and internet issues and software repairs, office set-up, tech support, hosting, networking and online services, optimization, and computer protection. We use current technologies to make sure we fix your computer not just effectively but fast.

We provide services which include installation of wireless router settings and the right drivers, the virtual server on the router, fixing the connection, slow network problem, setting up LAN and WAN settings, updating firmware and much more.From troubleshooting to technical support, Anteris provides a broad range of technical support and help desk services. Our technical support agents have a level of customer service exceeding expectations. This ensures your customers get their technology questions answered while still receiving top notch customer service. The majority of our technical support agents are certified, have a degree or are working towards a degree

We are proud to be a US based company who are customer driven and use a focused model to keep our customers happy!

Anteris Remote Tech Support
We make technology easier for you with instant Remote support.


About Our Experts
When you call My Anteris Support you will immediately be connected to one of our tech support experts. All of our experts have excellent technical qualifications, thorough knowledge of Windows systems, and at least 7 levels of certification. We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly service. Plus, our team includes highly trained specialists with Microsoft, CISCO, Oracle, Novell, and Apple certifications like A+, MCP, CCNA, MCSE, CCNP, Net+, Red Hat, Linux, and Mac OS expertise. With My Phone Support, you have access to the same highly trained professionals that corporate IT departments use – ready to focus on your problem.


High Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Anteris offers its services primarily through long-term unlimited service subscription plans of 1 to 3 years allowing customers to choose a plan which works best for them. The company also provides thousands of single incident sessions every day and its services are available on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year. Customers can choose from various channels to contact Anteris including web-based self-help support, real-time phone, chat, and e-mail.As part of these subscriptions, Anteris offers a comprehensive suite of service offerings including diagnosis and repair, installation and maintenance services and training for multiple devices, software applications and other products including PCs, digital cameras, MP3 players, printers etc. Anteris also supports a range of Apple devices. Anteris’s customer satisfaction scores are amongst the highest in the technical support industry.


Anteris’s wide range of service offerings which are brand-agnostic makes it a “one-stop shop” for many customers’ technology support needs. Customers can rely on Anteris to address many of their technical support needs and avoid the complexities of working with multiple support providers associated with each individual device or software application they purchase. This decreases the problem resolution time and enhances customer satisfaction.

Unmatched Platform-as-a-Service

Anteris’s proprietary technology platform, called Digital Service Cloud gets smarter with every customer interaction. It documents every problem, solution and relevant hardware and software specs while capturing each customer’s demographic information and creates a behavioral profile. All this information is available is at the fingertips of Anteris’s tech experts, combining a powerful knowledge base with a comprehensive set of tools and technology expertise that can be accessed on demand to deliver quality tech support any time of the day and any time of the year.

Anteris GraphFrom a core group of about 15 people to a workforce of over 2000 now, Anteris has scaled similar heights with their services. Reaching 1 million users spread out in over 8 countries across the world, Anteris’s scale of support now extends to almost every type of tech product there is. Anteris has been in the forefront of tech support for the last 1 years, providing world-class remote and in-person support to people all over the planet.





The company’s team of highly trained tech experts service customers across the world 24/7. Anteris’s service offerings are sold on an annual subscription or per incident basis.

Key Geographies Serviced

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia

Customer Segments

  • Individuals
  • Digital Homes
  • Small Office Home Office
  • Small Business

Global Delivery Platform

Anteris’s proprietary Global Delivery Platform – Digital Service Cloud Service, helps personalized service delivery with customer identification, profiling, and segmentation. From subscription management to call level details, Digital Service Cloud service is integrated with multiple other systems for ease of access and seamless reporting:

  • Telephony system
  • Knowledgebase
  • Remote access
  • Payment gateway
  • Quality management system
  • Desktop management tools
  • Live Help

Products – Subscription

Annual Unlimited Tech Support – $179.99 for single PC

  • Support for all PC’s, Printers, MP3 Players, Digital Camera and 100+ software application.
  • Includes tools for supporting and maintaining a healthy digital life, including home networking, Computer optimization, online backup, green PC optimization & PC health check.

Products – Incident

Incident-based services – from $19.99 – $79.99

  • Setup & Install
  • Diagnostic & Repair
  • Security
  • Optimization
  • Networking
  • Usability & How-to

Customer Experience

Anteris offers a range of powerful tools that complement its award-winning remote support service, for helping customers maintain technology at peak performance. Anteris’s products include Anteris Smart PC Scan, Anteris Live Help, and Anteris PC Optimization.

Certification & Partnerships

  • Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner